Celebrating 25 Glorious Years

About Us

AIPA turns 25... And we are CELEBRATING!

Established in 1990, Alaknanda Institute for Performing Arts (AIPA) was conceived with the purpose of promoting pure classical art and culture to the world. It has been an amazing journey of 25 years of this mission & shaping minds & preserving the rich cultural heritage of our nation,with a lot of fun involved!

Why the festival

This means a lot to us

Dance, a form of expression of life, has traditionally seen it’s origins from the roots of every society.

Pure forms are rare and bringing this generation’s attention to these art forms is challenging. There’s an ultimate beauty in the classical dances, which only those passionate about them, can describe.

It’s time we show these to the world, before they get diluted completely. Through Refreshing New Concepts these never before scene pulsating dance forms will be performed by the best in the field.

Dance Workshop & Registration

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Dance Workshops (All Age groups) - In Chhau Mayurbhanj & Baroque

March 29th to April 9th, 2015

To Register - Call 9810254233 or email - alaknanda@hotmail.com

Dances & Performances

The line-up for the festival

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